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Reel Discussions was a movie review website that myself and three other individuals started in 2005. This company started out as a website with video movie reviews that featured the four of us, written movie reviews, movie trailers for upcoming movies along with the top box office report; giving viewers the ability to upload a written review so their opinions could be heard. Over time and as the Internet developed, we modified the site to feature strictly video movie reviews by the four of us along with video movie reviews submitted by fans. We distributed our movie reviews via iTunes,,, and Expo TV to broaden our viewership.

Early on we received recognition in the video blogging industry as a great example on how to utilize video blogging – we weren’t just another pointless YouTube video. hosted our video movie reviews and selected RDTV to be one of 44,000 independent and large media publishers in their online network putting us in the ‘Films and Shorts’ section. Our video reviews and movie trailers were right along side IFC Channel, Marvel Comics and other big names making their way into online TV. Though we continued to gain new viewers, we decided to dissolve the company in the fall of 2008 due to lack of funding. It was a sad, sad day for the four of us “movie fans.” :(

The four of us worked together to create the logo, design and develop the website, film / edit all reviews, create and implement all marketing campaigns, promotions, etc.

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