Confident, creative and accomplished marketing professional with years of cross-channel marketing, advertising and design experience. Multi-faceted background that encompasses interactive web design, user experience design, motion graphics, broadcast design, print, online video, social media and digital marketing. Self-motivated entrepreneur and proactive manager who thrives on team building and collaboration. Constantly researches strategies and emerging technologies in the ever-changing marketing and advertising landscape.

In my home studio, I have the necessary equipment and software to freelance/telecommute successfully while meeting the highest design and development standards. I pay very close attention to the Internet industry and where its future is heading, especially in the area of Interactive development and online advertising.

In addition, I am a member of the Genius Rocket community (www.geniusrocket.com) where creative professionals compete for various advertising and marketing projects. I recently won my first design award at GeniusRocket.com in April, 2010

I can help agencies in need of an extra creative designer to meet client’s needs, telecommute freelance design for a company afar, or assist a small business in need of design or marketing services at a reasonable cost. Let me work with you to solve your creative needs today!

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